Network Cable Cat6a Grey 2m - 10Gb/s

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Product Details

RJ45 male x 2, S/FTP, LSZH, up to 10Gb/s 100m, 500Mhz

Halogen-free Category 6A network cable for use on large networks, which have high demands on speed and bandwidth.

This network cable is unshielded and can be used on medium and large networks where there can be a lot of disruptive equipment. The cable has insulation of LSZH material that does not develop the toxic gas chlorine, which emits a corrosive hydrochloric acid when it comes into contact with water. The halogen-free cable has insulation of other materials and should be selected where special consideration must be given; in confined spaces or in particularly flammable places. Cat6a supports 10Gbps up to 100m and supports bandwidths of up to 500MHz.

Network cables or Twisted Pair (TP) cable are used to connect devices to a computer network, allowing the different devices to communicate with each other.  For private customers, its use is often associated with connecting devices to the ISP's modem/router and connecting devices such as printers, game consoles, etc. to it via cable.

In business contexts, you need to use network cables to connect computers to servers, wireless access points, printers, and other devices to communicate with each other. There are several different types of network cables and they have different characteristics and uses:

  1. Cat5e is the most common network cable used in private homes. It supports up to 1GB/s and a bandwidth of 100MHz up to 100 meters.
  2. Cat6: Used in business contexts or where there is equipment that supports 10GB, as this supports up to 10Gbps at maximum. 55 meters and 1 GB/s at max. 100 meters. Bandwidth 250MHz.
  3. Cat6a: This cable is used in business contexts or where there is equipment that supports 10GB, and it supports up to 10Gbps up to 100 meters and a bandwidth of 500 MHz.
  4. UTP: means that the cable is unshielded. These are cables that do not withstand much interference or the like, which means that they can be used in private homes or small networks where there is no other equipment that will interfere with the signals.
  5. S/FTP: means that the cable is shielded and protected from external interference that may come from other electronic equipment. Shielded cables are recommended for medium and large companies and businesses.
  6. LSZH: means Low Smoke Zero Halogen (often called halogen-free) and this means that the cable will develop less smoke and less harmful gases associated with fire or other contact with fire. These cables are recommended, and sometimes required by certain industries such as offshore, the military and where gas development is dangerous due to limited space, etc. Traditional cables are covered with PVC.

Technical specifications


Producer's guarantee (months)


Type of network cable

Network Cable - CAT 6a


FTP (foil coated twisted pair)

Sheath material

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)

Wires per cable

4 cables

Pairs per cable

8 pairs




2 m






RJ-45 - male

Contact (other end)

RJ-45 - male




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Network Cable Cat6a Grey 2m - 10Gb/s

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