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HERO Gaming Chair - The Elder Scrolls Online Special Edition

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In the course of designing the new HERO Series, noblechairs took extensive input and guidance from eSports professionals. The result: the most ergonomic and feature-rich gaming chair ever made and one that offers consistent comfort, even after prolonged hours of working or gaming at your desk. The new stepless lumbar support integrated into the backrest helps to provide superb ergonomic customisation. The headrest is now filled with memory foam to allow its cushioning to better conform to individual head shapes. Furthermore, the backrest, seat area and armrests have all been increased in size. When you're this comfortable, it's tough to tear yourself away from the HERO.

The noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair:
⦁ Infinitely adjustable lumbar support for your lower back
⦁ Larger surface area for the seat- and backrest, optimised for long gaming sessions
⦁ Enlarged 4D armrests with cold foam coating
⦁ Memory foam embedded into the headrest for improved comfort
⦁ Comfortable and breathable cold foam upholstery
⦁ Suitable for users up to 150 kg
⦁ Stylish PU leather in black and white

Comfortable Gaming Chair
Premium ergonomics is what differentiates a good chair from a great chair, especially when used over extended periods of time. With that in mind, noblechairs took a range of feedback on board and integrated long requested features into the HERO gaming chair. One of the most popular requests was for adjustable lumbar support to be integrated into the backrest, something that can be adjusted to meet your precise preferences thanks to the infinitely adjustable wheel design. This is a feature that has been limited to only the highest of high-end office chairs. This enables the HERO to conform to the natural curvature of lower back and provide a more natural posture when seated.

The surface area of the seat as well as the size of the backrest have also both been increased due to popular request. Furthermore, the 4D armrests are significantly larger so as to not only make the HERO look more impressive as a whole, but to also make it significantly more comfortable. The improved comfort provided is also due in no small part to the cold foam upholstery.

Premium Design - Precision, Machine-Automated Construction
As with all noblechairs designs, the new HERO offer the same consistent premium-quality workmanship that became a byword after first being implemented in the ICON and EPIC series. Achieving the enviable level of consistency and build quality found at noblechairs is only possible by means of machine-only manufacturing.
The steel frame of the HERO is welded with the help of robotic arms, similar to what one might expect to see on an automotive production line. This enables the construction of a flawless and exceptionally durable frame, something for which noblechairs has itself become famous worldwide for over the last few years. Even the chair coverings themselves are tailored by industrial sewing machines to achieve the best possible result.

Premium Components
The comfortable upholstery consists of a breathable, deformation-resistant cold foam with an exceptionally high 55% density. This enables improved airflow over long periods of use while retaining its shape.
Standing in stark contrast to competing gaming chairs, the noblechairs HERO offers a solid steel frame ensconced within its upholstery. The entire seat is coated in 1,5 mm thick PU-leather, something that also contributes to the chair's outstanding durability.

The Perfect Position for Every User
Now that you're sat on noblechairs' HERO, and having adjusted it to meet your personal preferences, now would be the perfect time to try out the new lumbar support. In addition to 10 cm of height adjustment, the seat additionally offers a convenient rocking mechanism.

This allows the entire HERO gaming chair to tip at up to 11°. The backrest can also be adjusted to between 90° and 125°.

Perfect Head- and Arm Support
The new 4D armrests with their new, larger design add to the look of the chair as a whole while also giving your arms additional space.
These armrests can be adjusted in four dimensions, so as to make sure every user can find just the right position. The armrests are also upholstered in cold foam and, thanks to their textured contact area, offer a pleasant degree of grip as well.

Suitable for Hard- & Soft Flooring
The base of the HERO series from noblechairs consists of a powder-coated base in solid aluminium with five arms and special casters. These 60 mm casters consist of a nylon core with a polyurethane coating that makes them exceptionally quiet, but also equally at home on hard- or soft flooring.
The Safety Class 4 gas lift is rated, in combination with the optimised base, for maximum loads of up to 150 kg.

Technical Details:
Height Specification:
Total Height (with base): ca. 129 - 137 cm
Seat Pan Height (with base): ca. 48 - 56 cm
Backrest Height: ca. 89 cm
Inner Backrest Width: ca. 32,5 cm
Outer Backrest Width (widest point): ca. 57 cm
Inner Seat Surface Area: ca. 35 cm
Outer Seat Surface Area (widest point): ca. 52 cm
Depth of Seating Area: ca. 50 cm
Total Depth (without base): ca. 55 cm
Armrest Width: ca. 10,5 cm
Armrest Depth: ca. 27 cm
Weight: ca. 28 kg
Rocking Mechanism Adjustment: max. 11°
Backrest Angle: 90° to 125°
Material: Steel (frame)
Cold foam (upholstery)
Shape Memory Polymer (head support)
PU Leather (cover -> seat + contact area + reverse)
Aluminium (base)
Nylon / Polyurethane (casters)
Polyurethane (armrests)
Colour: Black (cover), White (cover, stitching)
Maximum Load: 150 kg
Manufacturer's Guarantee: 2 Years

Integrated lumbar support for lower back
4D armrests with maximum adjustability
Adjustable backrest angle (90 to 135 degrees)
Flexible seat surface area
Deformation resistant cold foam
Memory Foam in the headrest
Durable gas lift (Safety Class 4)
Strong 5-point base in solid aluminium
60 mm casters for hard- and soft floors
Stable steel frame
Supports up to 150 kg