HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip
HERO Black Edition - Begrip

HERO Black Edition

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HERO Gaming Chair Black 


Innovative hybridmaterial from Germany with microfine pores
With the arrival of the Black Edition, the noblechairs HERO range is receiving a visual and material upgrade. The new and unique upholstery belongs to the next generation of breathable seating materials. This innovative hybrid material from Germany that consists of an ingenious blend of vinyl and polyurethane manages to offer the very best characteristics of both. The result is an ultra-soft surface that is exceptionally durable. Additionally, the new stainless steel grips, the visually more stunning wheelbase and the improved armrests help round out this premium upgrade to an already high-quality gaming chair.

⦁ Newly developed PU leather covering with breathable micro-pores
⦁ Infinitely adjustable lumbar support for the lower back area
⦁ Memory headrest for increased comfort
⦁ Enlarged 4D armrests with cushioning
⦁ Comfortable & breathable cold-foam upholstery
⦁ Premium stainless-steel levers
⦁ Designed for users up to 150 kg

Innovative PU Leather for Perfect Seated Comfort & Extended Durability
Thanks to a remarkable chemical reaction that occurs during the manufacturing process, users are able to benefit from the presence of microfine pores that are formed within the material that are permeable to both air and water vapour. This property ensures an unparalleled comfort over extended periods of time. No matter how long you sit, the surface is designed to prevent sticking and discomfort. Moreover, the durability of the material is outstanding: Even after years the surface will still look good. The material is tear-resistant, durable, highly abrasion-resistant and easy to clean.

The Pinnacle of Comfortable Gaming Chairs
When it comes to the design of the HERO Series, noblechairs sought input from eSports professionals. The result being the uncontested ergonomic and feature-rich leader in the gaming chair segment. The combination of breathable, soft PU leather and porous cold foam means that even the longest gaming sessions will be enjoyed with optimised ergonomics and comfort.

The HERO has integrated the long awaited adjustable lumbar support within the backrest. This can be adjusted in accordance to the precise needs of your lower back with a wheel. This helps the backrest of the HERO to adhere to the natural curvature of the lower back, resulting in a more natural seated posture overall.

Premium Cushioning with Exceptional Durability
Another long-requested feature has also been added, in the HERO series the seat surface and backrest have both been expanded. Furthermore, even the 4D arm rests have been enlarged.

The comfortable upholstery consists of porous, deformation-resistant cold cut foam with an exceptionally high density of more than 55 percent, a quality that allows users to benefit from extra breathability and stability over time. The solid steel frame embedded within its upholstery is coated in a PU leather covering with a thickness of 1.5 mm and, as a result, offering exceptional reliability.

The Perfect Position for Every User
The noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair is built to meet your precise requirements, with 10 cm of height adjustability and convenient rocking mechanism. This allows the HERO Gaming Chair to be angled at up to 11°. Furthermore, the backrest can be set from 90° to 125°. The new 4D armrests now fit perfectly with the rest of the chair thanks to their enlarged design, offering significantly more space for your arms and adjustability in four dimensions.

Designed for Hard- & Soft Flooring
The foundation of the HERO Series from noblechairs is the powder-coated base made from solid aluminium with five arms and specially designed castors. These 60 mm castors consist of a Nylon core with a polyurethane coating that means they are both quiet as well as equally suited for use on both hard- and soft flooring. The Safety Class 4 gas lift has been designed in conjunction with the optimised base to offer support for up to a maximum load of 150 kg.


  • Total Height (with base): 50.2" - 53.3"
  • Seat Pan Height (with base): 18.3" - 21.5"
  • Backrest Width (shoulder level): 22.44"
  • Seating Area Width (total): 20.47"
  • Armrest Depth: 10.63"
  • Recommended Maximum Weight: 330 lbs
  • Total Weight: ~62 lbs
  • Rocking Mechanism: max. 11°
  • Backrest Adjustability: 45° (90°-125°)


  • Steel (frame)
  • Cold foam (inner cushioning)
  • Vinyl / PU hybrid leather (cover)
  • Aluminium (base)
  • Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Nylon, Polyurethane (casters)
  • Memory foam (headrest)
  • Velour (cushions, side strips)